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Lash Services

Get the natural looking eyelashes you’ve always wanted. Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and strip lashes. Your new eyelash extensions will provide you with the low-maintenance beauty routine you’ve always dreamed of.


Known as 1 to 1 or 1:1 lash application. One lash extension is glued to one natural eyelash.

Classic lashes look more natural and are perfect for someone who already has a lot of eyelashes but wants to add more length.


Classic Glam

1:1 lash application. One extension is placed on one eyelash.

Best described as the “mascara look”. The final product is very natural and adds length and volume. People will wonder if your natural eyelashes are simply that beautiful.



1:1 & 1:5 lash application. A mix between classic and volume.

Perfect for clients that want more volume but are nervous about having too much. Half of the lashes applied will be classic lashes and half will be volume lashes.

People will wonder if you’re wearing mascara or if you have lash extensions.


Volume Glam

1:2;1:3;1:4;1:5;1:6 etc.
This is our most extreme look. Volume means there are two or more eyelash extensions being placed on one singular natural eyelash. The weight of a volume fan equals the weight of one singular lash extension because the diameter of the lash extension is smaller creating a softer but more voluminous look. This look is perfect for celebrations, holidays, public appearances, photos and videos.

People will ask – “Who is your lash girl?!”

Lash Lift

This look is really natural. We take your natural lashes and lift them up. Say goodbye to your lash curler. This look will last about 6 weeks.